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Can Dogs Eat Hummus: What To Eat With Hummus?

Can Dogs Eat Hummus

Being the owner of a dog is no doubt a difficult job and it gets evens more challenging when faced with the daily what do I feed my dog today dilemma. Sure, there's doggy treats and doggy mix but sometimes your four-legged pet gets bored of it’s every day, monotone food and just wants to sit and enjoy a meal with you. So how do you know whether or not it is safe to feed your dog what is on your plate? Well, this article focuses more whether or not it is safe to feed your dog a good would plate of hummus.

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Top 5 Best Low Protein Dog Food Brands for Kidney Health

Top 10 Best Low Protein Dog Food Brands

Dogs need lots of proteins and which they can get from the raw meat or they may also feed on various kinds of prepared protein rich food which are available on the market. Though protein content has to be very high in the daily routine of the dogs belonging from any breed, but some conditions may lead you to lower the protein content in your dog’s daily meals.

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Top 5 Most Poisonous Food Your Dogs Must Avoid

​Dogs are always fond of eating things they aren’t supposed to be eating, especially puppies. Their heightened sense of smell coupled with their curious and playful nature leads them to try out anything strange or new to them. This leads them to some that are potentially poisonous that may be fatal too. This is not among puppies alone but all ages of dogs. Some of the poisonous foods your dog may stumble upon are listed below.

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The Best Pet Rat Foods (Updated 2018)

Best pet rat foods are often mistakenly considered as the most liked foods by the rats. Sometimes you may have to look for foods that are best for the health of your pet rat and may have a preferred taste for your rats too. Though in most cases not all the different kinds of foods that your rat may eat frequently could be the best one for their health. There are some foods that are highly supportive and healthy whereas some others may taste good and feel better for your rat's moth may not be as good and may bring some health hazards.

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Best Large Breed Puppy Food To Keep Your Pet Healthy And Happy

best food for german shepherd to gain weight

The nutritional requirements of large breed puppies are quite different to the small and medium breeds. Since most of the puppy foods are formulated to meet the needs of the small and medium breeds, you have got to be extra mindful while choosing the food for your pet. Although larger breed puppies take a long time to mature, they grow rapidly at first. The best large breed puppy food should, therefore, consist of the right amount of calories, calcium, and phosphorus. It is also important not to underfeed or overfeed the puppy or it could lead to orthopedic issues.

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Can Dogs Eat Lettuce?

You would like to eat healthiest food items so that you will ensure that your body will get various kinds of nutrients without any issues. Lettuce is one of the nutritious and delicious food items. And, you would like to share it with your pet as well. Can Dogs Eat Lettuce? You should find out answer to this question so that you can offer lettuce to your dog in right form and right quantity.

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Top 10 Best Wet Cat Food Brands – That You Can Trust

top Wet Cat Food Brands

Feline species are known to have a very low thirst drive. This means that their water intake from the bowl is usually very low. Therefore, this has to be compensated for through their regular diet. Feeding wet food would mean increasing their water intake by double the amount as against feeding them dry food. Hence, it becomes extremely important to consider the water content when it comes to a cat diet.

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Can Dogs Eat Figs?

Dog is your fantastic companion and it deserves the best treatment. The dog likes its food and you should be able to find out its favorite food items so that you can give a treat to your dog on special occasions. Can Dogs Eat Figs? To answer this question, you should go through the information provided by experts and veterinarians. In most of the cases, dogs will eat the food which is consumed by human-beings. Hence, if you would like to offer figs to your pet, you should understand the form, quantity and timing so that there will not be any issues.

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