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Best Dog House 2018

Gone are the days of building those fixed, immobile kennels for keeping your dog in the yard. Instead, a number of easy-to-handle and easily installable dog houses are in rage among the dog owners. Also, these days people live in apartments and condos where they prefer internal dog houses to help their dog find its own space in one corner of the living room or on the patio.

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MIM Safe Variocage: The Best Dog Cage For Travel Use


 MIM Safe Variocage

Variocage DOUBLE Crash Tested Dog Cage

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Accidents can happen, particularly when travelling by car. Whether you are just going out for a ride with your pet or moving to a new place, it is important that you keep your passengers and your pet safe in case of an unfortunate car accident. Installing a durable, crash-resistant dog cage on your car will keep your pet restrained in place and prevent them from projecting forward in the instance of a crash.

4x4 North America’s MIM Safe Variocage Double Crash Tested Dog Cage is the top dog of the toughest pet cages available in the market. It is the only double crash test certified dog cage, so it is the most ideal pet cage to install on your car for travelling with your pets. Also, the Variocage Double is available in different adjustable sizes that can fit into any car or truck model without having to modify anything.

MIM Safe Variocage Double has the following features and specifications:

Variocage DOUBLE Dog Cage
  • Made of heavy duty, antirust treated, and powder-coated ASTM A366 gauge steel.
  • Comes in various adjustable sizes to accommodate small, medium, and large dogs.
  • The only crash-test certified dog cage using government safety standards (ISO 27955, ECE R-17, ECE R-44, SPCT).
  • Crash-tested for roll-over, front, and rear protection with a decade-long perfect safety track record.
  • One-hand quick door release with an emergency escape rear hatch.
  • 2 doors with gas hydraulic motion spring locks and removable center divider.
  • Automatic door stop with pneumatic assist, built-in key lock, and padlock mounting tabs.
  • Built-in crumple zone and ribbed rubber mat at the cage’s bottom for impact absorption.
  • Easy to install using load-tested tie-down straps with no vehicle modification required.

Being the only dog cage that is crash test certified, Variocage is the top choice for most pet owners who regularly take their dogs and other pets with them on the road. Though it has the toughest features, Variocage is not a perfect product. For a more comprehensive take on its functionality, here’s a list of Variocage’s pros and cons:


  • Virtually indestructible
  • The one and only dog cage that is crash test certified by government standards
  • Secure hydraulic locking doors
  • Wide variety of sizes with adjustable lengths to ensure a perfect fit for your pet
  • With an emergency escape hatch that is really useful in case the front doors cannot be opened
  • Easy to clean rubber mat


  • More expensive than other dog cages
  • Can block the rear mirror view

From the list above, the pros or positive features outweigh the cons or negative features. It is reasonably more expensive because it is also better in quality and functionality. It can block the rear mirror view if the dog cage is of a large size, but so will other large dog cages.

How to install and use the Variocage Double

The MIM Safe Variocage Double is delivered unassembled, so you have to assemble it together based on the assembly instructions provided with the package. The Variocage is pretty easy to install on the back of your car. You just have to connect the tie-down straps securely to the car’s cargo anchor points. No complicated procedure, no modifications, and no extra hardware requirement.

Variocage Double Product Review

Variocage DOUBLE Crash review

Just by looking at its construction, the Variocage is a sturdy and comfortably spacious pet cage. A large Variocage Double can provide enough space for a large dog or up to two small and medium-sized dogs. As long as you get the right cage size for your dog’s size, there will be enough room for them to stretch and lounge around.

The doors have an auto stop function and hydraulic powered locking system with built-in key locks that are secure so your pets can’t escape if they try to or won’t pop open under pressure. The center divider can also be removed or adjusted based on the space needs of your dogs. If you have two dogs with different sizes, you can easily adjust one side of the cage to be bigger or more spacious than the other side.

Its design, though can look quite intimidating because of the sturdy features, is neat and without any useless frills. Its overall look speaks directly of its essence—durable, functional dog cage for travel use. And because it is literally the only crash test certified pet cage, it is definitely the most trusted choice for travel pet cages.

Its material construction, though not made of stainless steel, is made of the best quality powder-coated ASTM A366 gauge steel. Compared to other dog cages that are simply made of wire mesh and plastic, Variocage is physically the most durable pet cage that can provide reliable safety.

The Variocage also allows for convenient add-ons to be placed in the cage like leash hooks and spill-proof water bowls.


If durability, functionality, design, cost-efficiency, and safety make up a five-star rating, then the Variocage Double is definitely a five-star product. Its crash test certification alone is an obvious telltale sign of its reliable, value-for-money attributes that will never make you regret buying it for your beloved pets.

Diamond Deluxe Aluminum Single Hole Dog Box – Hunter’s Choice


Diamond Deluxe Aluminum Single Hole Dog Box

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The Diamond Deluxe Aluminum Single Hole Dog Box comes out as a favorite among folks who need a really tough crate for really powerful dogs. In fact, these doggie crates are so durable that a lot of hunters who take their dogs out on outdoor trips carry one. You can put your dog in it loaded up at the back of your truck (or whatever vehicle you prefer to drive) and off you go.

Why is it that durable, you ask? It features a diamond tread aluminum construction. This material is actually pretty strong and can hold most of strong escape artist-like dogs. Of course, there are pros and cons with this product as well. Know more about it before you buy it in this review.

The Features That We Liked

As stated earlier, you can consider this as a hunting doggie crate. Labradors or any of the medium to large size dogs will fit comfortably in this dog kennel. It also has features for easy transport. Now, you can bring your dog when you go out hunting, fishing, or maybe on a weekend in the outdoors with the entire family.

Here are some of the listed features:

  • Dimensions: 24" x 36" x 27" (W x L x H)
  • Carrying handle
  • Corrugated plastic insulation (replaceable)
  • Locking T-handle
  • Sturdy door
  • Constructed out of welded diamond tread aluminum

Durability and Transport Issues

If your wire mesh kennel can’t handle your beagle or some other mischievous outgoing canine, then the Diamond Deluxe Aluminum Single Hole Dog Box may be a good alternative. However, you should note that a metal wire mesh cage is already heavy – well, this one will be a bit heavier, obviously. It weighs a total 25 pounds – so get your lifting muscles ready (or just get someone to help you carry it).

Issues with the Heat

It does come with a carrying handle to make things easier for you. You can fit it inside your truck or ATV with no trouble whatsoever. Some would think that this dog kennel may get too hot – well, it’s made of metal too so that would make it a valid concern.
However, the good news is that this doggie kennel is outfitted with air vents, which provides good air circulation. Surprisingly, this dog cage is relatively cool but don’t put it out under the sun all day – it can get pretty hot; well, put any dog cage out in the sun and it will get hot (unless you can work some sort of air conditioning in there – which is highly unlikely).

Keeping the Smells and Stains Away

The inside walls of this dog kennel are lined with corrugated plastic insulation. This layer of insulation does not absorb liquids. It is easy to clean and easy to replace. That means the inside of this dog kennel won’t get that smelly.
Well, you know, some dogs just might decide to take a leak without you knowing it while you’re on that long drive to the woods or camping site. It also serves another purpose. This insulation also keeps the heat out during hot days and it keeps your dog warm during colder weather.

Safety Features

Aside from the interior plastic insulation, this dog crate is outfitted with a T-handle. Some dogs are Harry Houdini incarnates. Some of them can even figure out how to open locks and latches on these kennels. It will be highly improbable for a dog inside the crate to reach the t-handle and pry the door open.
Of course, we’ll have to wait and see if there will be a dog owner who will report that his dog has figured a way out of this thing – let’s wait and see to be safe (no 100% judgments passed on this feature just yet). Better to put this caveat on here to be safe.

Matching Breeds

We have already given you the dimensions of this doggie crate above. Given that we can say that we can fit Labradors, beagles, and other hunting dogs – anything medium to large size will do. However, don’t get this one if you have Great Danes or any XL size dog.


  • Strong and durable (diamond tread aluminum material)
  • Locking T-handle for added safety
  • Insulation
  • Vents
  • Fits perfectly at the back of trucks, pickups, SUVs and other vehicles.



If you’re looking for a tough and durable dog kennel that can take a lot of punishment along with the usual wear and tear, then this might be a good option for you. However, if you’re looking for a budget crate or a kennel that will fit a bigger dog then you’re better off with something else.

The Important Information About Buying Outdoor Dog House For Winter

The dog is a favorite pet animal that people can see at most number of houses in the modern world. Nowadays people would like to keep dogs healthy by giving neat foods and neat living atmosphere. The dog house is a great product to keep dogs without any discomfort feel so now people would like to buy a right dog house for their cute dogs. The outdoor dog house is a perfect choice because dogs can be a great guard for their house.

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