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ScoopFree has introduced some of the high-end solutions for pet litter disposal, due to the fact its one of the most common issue the pet owners have. Cats being the most common pet in most of the homes around the world can be trained and managed to use automatic litter boxes for better hygienic conditions at home. This ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning litter box is one of the improved versions of the Scoop Free litter boxes having advanced features and control options for better litter handling and pet safety.


​Self-cleaning and automatic lump removal

​Due to the self-cleaning features, you don’t need to worry about scooping out the dirt manually as the litter box has a preset timer according to which it senses the pet and schedule automatic scooping of the dirt so that there is no sight of it or unpleasant odors.

Quick absorptive crystal litter​

​The crystal litter in the box quickly absorbs the urine so that it remains dry and keeps the surrounding odor free for a safe and healthy environment in your home.

​Removable litter trays

​The trays used to keep the crystal litter are removable and can be replaced easily after weeks of use. They can be replaced with new ones in an easy way.

​Leak proof lining in trays

​The leak proof lining in trays keep the crystal in the box safely and avoid the leakage so that you don’t see the mess around the box.

Closed dirt disposal box​

​The automatic scooping takes the solid waste to a close box which keeps the dirt out of sight and also does not allow to create dirt and smells in the box and can be cleaned after weeks or several days. Though the frequency of cleaning it depends on the habits and usage routine of your cat.

Hooded litter box​

​A hooded place is always better for shy cats. If your pet needs closed space for the privacy needs, it’s a great deal for your cat.

Three timer settings for automatic scooping​

​The automatic systems clear or rakes the solid wastes after 20 minutes time as present in the box. But in this ultra-version, you can set the timer using three available options to rake the waste to the closed box. The raking function also resets its cycle automatically when the cat enters the box again.

Health counter​

​A unique feature called health counter in the box has been introduced to make sure that you know if your cat has a well maintained regular routine and is using the box as expected but you can assess the routine if the box uses frequent uses and detect if something is wrong with your cat.


  • The hooded litter box provides pet privacy and makes sure that your cat will never feel shamed even if people are walking around.
  • Health management assistance feature assures that you can keep an eye on how frequently your cat uses the box and if there is an unusual usage, you can get it checked by a vet.
  • The box provides a complete odor control and clean environment through timely cleaning and liquid absorption in the crystal litter.
  • The Long-life litter cartridges allow you to stay worried free without frequent cartridge replacements and give peace of mind.
  • The Leak proof racks for safe disposal helps in keeping the dirt within the box and avoid spreading of crystals.
  • No need to handle or see the dirt as it stays within a closed box and the crystal cartridges can be closed and disposed of without any issues.


There a few issues that people have reported which are as below:

The trays are not as much leak proof as it has been stated in the description, rather you may need a leak proof lining or a permanent tray to use with the box.

Customer Reviews:

Customers have shown great interest in buying this so far. Due to its easy usage, hygienic handling and odor-free performance, the litter box has been trusted by the users and considered to be one of the best choices for the cats.

​Due to the advanced features, and a complete system providing privacy, cleanliness and easy usage for your cats and also a convenient solution to help you handle the litter and wastes, this automatic litter box proves to be the best choice among others. It helps in keeping your home clean and also monitor the health of your cat so that you can handle the problem before it gets worse with time. There is no requirement to handle the dirt manually rather all things are handled actively by the box and you can dispose it after 2 or 3 weeks or it may depend on the frequency of usage of the litter box.

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